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Perpetually nostalgic, believes beauty lies within the details and human connection is not only life giving, but is what gives life meaning.

Golden Hour fanatic, travel and food enthusiast, lover of motherhood and deeply appreciative of life's simple pleasures. 

I find tremendous beauty in the ordinary, believe at least one moment in every day is noteworthy and deserves to be remembered through a photograph. The longer I do this, the more aware I am of what a beautiful opportunity I have to capture life as it unfolds and provide something tangible to what matters most to us: celebration of life with those you love the most. 

Prior to stepping behind the lens full-time professionally, I spent nearly a decade in the marketing/advertising space working for software startups and also had a two year stint in Seoul, South Korea as an ESL teacher. It was during that time, I began traveling the globe and getting more inspired at every turn. 

After desiring something more worthwhile, enduring and personally rewarding, I said goodbye to my office, colleagues, Fortune 100 clientele and picked up my camera full time. I haven't looked back since and consider every client and event a true honor to be part of. I love that you're here and hope to create something unforgettable with you!


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Give me something new to try with good company and I'm sure to enjoy myself! If I must claim my forever favorite? It's the Trust Me Nozawa from Sugarfish. In addition, the longer I do this, the more I fall in love with the art of entertaining, table design and curating the perfect menu! 

food is where the heart is

Probably like you, my family is my whole world and the absolute best part of living. So grateful for my beautiful family! Motherhood is wonderful, complex, an incredible act of service and it's better than I could ever imagine.

my people


Going for walks late at night, journaling and getting lost in a new city while doing a photowalk. And my personal favorite: laughing until I cry and my abs hurt.

the good stuff


Truly, anyone who knows me well, knows I won't ever deny dessert before dinner and I watch Friends more than I'm willing to admit.

guilty pleasure


Travel is my greatest source of inspiration, personal growth and has shaped me endlessly. I have a particular affinity for Croatia (the Adriatic sea has my heart!) for the views and relaxation it provides; Vienna, Austria for the incredible art and culture; and Seoul, South Korea for it being a place I once called home for two years. It's hard for me to claim a favorite!

to travel is to live



The ability to freeze a moment in time that has the ability to live beyond my generation. There's always at least one moment of each family session or wedding that I see a moment through my viewfinder and whisper to myself "THAT'S the one".  I can easily recall at least 2-5 favorite images from every single session or wedding I shoot.

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my favorite things:

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Our clients are madly in love & deeply connected to their family and friends. They treasure real moments over contrived ones and above all else appreciate meaningful, curated experiences.

You probably have an idea of what you love, an idea of the images you want, the details that are captured and how people feel when they attend your celebration or see your family portraits. You have a refined sense of taste and above all else, have a deep love and appreciation for those you choose to spend your time around in your family and friends. I'm here to help make all of that a reality and enhance your experience by capturing it for you, so you may enjoy it endlessly.  


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